About us

pXchange is the sister company of Developer Solutions, one of the country’s leading providers of Price Viability Appraisals, Research and Valuations to the house building industry.

We have direct access to major property trading companies who bid for subject properties through our unique platform.

Carefully selected for their service excellence which embraces a culture of treating customers fairly, they have helped thousands of people buy their home of choice by purchasing their existing property quickly and without fuss.

We provide a transparent, without fuss service benefitting all stakeholders.

We work with housebuilders of all sizes, retirement living providers, estate agents, in fact almost any property business where speed of decision and reliability of sale are needed.

For more detailed information please contact Chris Taylor on 07387/191462 or email ctaylor@tomovenow.co.uk

Benefits to the homebuyer
  • A genuine cash buyer for your property
  • Offers normally available after only 48 hours
  • No uncertainties caused by “chains” and buyers letting you down at the last minute
  • Peace of mind – saving you valuable time to spend planning for your new home
  • No estate agents fees to pay*
Benefits to the housebuilder
  • Offers normally available after only 48 hours
  • No criteria restrictions, trade ups or downs
  • No need for you to buy in
  • Off balance sheet
  • Compatible with Help to Buy
  • Free to you and your buyer

*If you already have an agreement with an Estate Agent, check it before using pXchange